John Deere 6020/7020 Premium Tractor V2.0 - FS19 Mod


John Deere 6020/7020 Premium Tractor V2.0

New latest, tottaly reworked and remodeled version of my John Deere 6020 Premium Series (wich now includes and 7020 Premium Series for US).
Before using it, please unpack the file, because you have there John Deere 6020/7020 Premium and simple IC (If you have already simple ic mod,replace it with this one from my file).
Also with simple ic you have buttons inside the tractor wich rotates cabine and worklight lights, you also can with them add and remove back attacher balls and fold and unfold warning signs if you have them.

Note: for now its not possible to remove (turn visibilty off on) buttons wich configs are not in use so I hope that will not confuse you (etc. you didnt selected front window but there is "X" button for simple ic if you use simple ic)

Motor Configuration
(6520P-6620P-6820P-6920P-6920S P (All with 40/50 kmh transmission choice))

VehicleType configuration (IC CONFIG)
(Standard/Simple IC-Old IC)

Base material color config
(color of peace of rear part of cab) (John Deere Premium green-John Deere Standard green)

Wheel brand configuration
(Trelleborg TM800-Trelleborg TM1060-Trelleborg Narrow-Michelin MachXBib-Michelin MultiBib-Michelin AgriBib2-Mitas SFT-Mitas AC65-BKT-Vaderstein-Nokian-Kleber-Firestone)
(with non solid, solid back and solid rims)


Version config
(EU-US-EU+Warning signs-US+Warning signs)

Wheel configuration
(Standard-Wide-Wheel weights 1,2,3-Wide wheel weights 1,2,3-Twin Back wheels-Wide Twin Back wheels-Twin wheels-Wide twin wheels-Narrow-RowCrop)

Front Attacher configuration
(Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-1150kg-Front hydraulic)

Design configuration
(Standard-Stickers on back window)

Transmission configuration
(PowerQuad-PowerQuad+F gear-PowerQuad2-PowerQuad2+F gear-AutoQuad-AutoQuad+F gear-AutoPower)

ECO Shift

Reverser configuration

Front loader configuration
(Without-Stoll-Hauer-Aloe-John Deere)

Design color for Frontloader console)
(Stole balck-John Deere green-Aloe black-Hauer black)

Shield configuration

Steering knob configuration

Front worklights configuration

Back worklights config

Front fenders configuration

Back fenders config

Passenger seat configuration

Cabine box configuration

Beacons configuration

Rearview mirror configuration

Fuel tank configuration

Roof configuration
(Standard-Standard openable-Panoramic-Panoramic openable)

Bonnet lights configuration

Cabine worklights configuration
(Standard-Double-Front Triple)

Stickers configuration (on bonnet)

Rubbersteps configuraiton

Front window configuration

Cabine attacher controls configurations
(Standard-Premium-Premium Plus)

SCV config
(2 pairs-3 pairs-4 pairs)

SCV color config
(John Deere Premium Green-Standard Green)

TLS Config

Carpet config

HMS config

Mirrors config
(Style 1-Style 2)

Exhaust config
(Type 1-Type 2)

GPS Config
(StarFire 3000-StarFire 6000-StarFire 3000+Monitor-StarFire 6000+Monitor)

Side Grills config
(6020 Series- 6030 Series type1-6030 Series type2)

Premium Stickers

Bonnet line config

Licence plate config
(No-With bracket- With plate)

Tool Box config

Low trailer hitch config
(Standard drawbar-With ball)

Seat config

IC Control
Extended Animation Sound

Mod is fully animated (Pedals, reverser, transmission, thorttles..)
Custom sounds, custom animations

!!Log is clean and free of errors!!

Udruzenje Nezavisnih Modera, MB3D, Custom Modding, AgroPat

Download LINK 1 (83mb
Download LINK 2 (83mb

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