Multiple Trailers in Traffic v6.0 ETS2 Mod

Multiple Trailers in Traffic v6.0

ETS2 Double Trailers In Traffic:
Curtainsiders, dryvans, insulated trailers and reefers in drawbar double, B-double and HCT (two full-length trailers linked with a dolly) versions
Versions of all SCS traffic trucks to pull them with. Still no Renault T. Come on, guys…

ETS2 Jazzycat Doubles
Traffic versions of the double trailers Jazzycat’s Trailers & Cargo mod. REQUIRES BOTH JAZZYCAT’S TRAILERS & CARGO MOD AND THE ETS2 DOUBLE TRAILERS IN TRAFFIC MOD.

ETS2 Double Trailers For Cargo:
Allows double SCS trailers for cargo-carrying in areas outwith the base/DLC maps. STANDALONE MOD.

ETS2 Mixer
Adds SCS concrete mixer trailer in traffic & freight market. STANDALONE MOD.


Download LINK 1   (1.5mb
Download LINK 2   (1.5mb

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