Real Attacher Joints v0.5.2.0 FS19 Mod

Real Attacher Joints v0.5.2.0 FS19

With this little script, you can manually control the height and the tilt of three points implements.

Fixed bug with trailer
Activated multiplayer

Pressing CTRL + KP Minus you can set a custom height (shown by the red point in the custom hud) and by pressing CTRL + KP Plus the tool will go at the set height, pressing again CTRL + KP Plus the tool will raise.

In addition, this script makes the equipment to require more force to be pulled as the tool is more lowered. That means that if you lower the tool as much as possible it will way more difficult to be pulled compared to a less deep position.

Be careful that the script is still in a beta version, can occur bugs and Lua errors. If you should have problems or suggestions I beg you to contact me to improve the mod. Thank you!


Download LINK 1   (31kb
Download LINK 2   (31kb

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