Platformer Pack Claas Edition v1.2.0


Platformer Pack Claas Edition v1.2.0 FS19

ModPackade consisting of Mercedes-Benz ACTROS MP4, Kotte tandem trailer, Kröger turntable trailer. All vehicles are animated and have the AutoLoad function

Version 1.2.0
LS19 MB Platformer Pack Claas Edition Version 1.2.0
Important: The Mod Simple IC (Version must be in the mods folder

With the EasyAutoloader, all bales and pallets can now be automatically loaded and unloaded from the “Strohberge Addon”.
Standard pallets: 8 pieces, pellet pallets: 15 pieces, mission pallets: 8 pieces
Standard square bales: 18 pieces, square bale addon: 18 pieces
Round bales 1.10 m: 28 pieces 1.30 m: 20 pieces 1.55 m: 10 pieces 1.80 m: 8 pieces
Egg cartons: 165 pieces of cotton bales: 1 piece

The vehicles are now further apart after purchase so that they do not get caught in one another. The l10n file is now also available in English.

Mercedes-Benz ACTROS:
New headlights, side indicators now go, taillight activated. The lift axle is now controlled via IC: open the flap on the driver’s side, operate the left lever and the lift axle moves down.
The tarpaulin structure can be opened and closed with IC and now also with buttons. The hubs of the second axis now run along and are centered.

The two trailers:
Can now also be operated with IC (even when disconnected) and with buttons.

Important: This mod package is exclusive to ModdingWelt. It may not be uploaded or changed on any other site without my consent!
The heart of the package is the MERCEDES-BENZ ACTROS MP4 with tarpaulin structure.
It is completely animated and is reliably controlled by models via “SimpleIC”.
Doors, window panes, sun visors, armrests and the like much more.
The tarpaulin structure is also animated. Get out and fold, open tarpaulin, remove bow and so on. other.
The third axis can be raised and lowered.
The Mercedes has the AutoLoad function. It can independently load and unload square and round bales, pallets and egg boxes and cotton packages. Also with the forklift or similar. it can be loaded. (Warning: the drop sides have a collision)
There are different engine variants, 2 tire sets, and free choice of color for the rims.
This included 2 trailers: a KOTTE tandem axle and a KRÖGER turntable trailer. Both have the tarpaulin structure and the AutoLoad function. They are animated, but via buttons, because SimpleIC only works with “self-drivers”.
The mod “Simple IC” from Modelleicher must be in the mods folder
Now have fun with the package
Note: If you want the package for the LS17, please report under PN.

Mein besonderer Dank geht an DaHoffi vom MW-Team für seine vielen Hilfestellungen, ohne die ich dieses Projekt nicht hätte realisieren können

Download LINK 1   (42.4mb
Download LINK 2   (42.4mb
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