KENWORTH T680 THE GENERAL 22.04.20 (1.37.X) ATS


KENWORTH T680 THE GENERAL 22.04.20 1.37.X

This truck mod is a recreation of Trux Accessories 2017 show truck. The original one is 2014 Kenworth T660 glider truck built as a tribute to the military and all that it stands for. Original drivetrain: Detroit 12.7 liter 550hp engine and 13 speed transmission. There aren't many customization options as this truck is already customized. Skin is made by Sirblackyalot, sounds by Kriechbaum and everything else by Harven. The interior is my design as there are no reference images (besides T660 interior looks more like W900). There are 6 new fully functional gauges on the dashboard and background lights here and there. You can change the headlights color: green or stock and also few other things on the truck exterior. The truck is available for quick jobs (normal and oversize cargo) and you can admire it in the truck browser. Support for SISL accessories is available with a separate mod. It's standalone truck so it has it's own definition files, accessories, sounds and you can't upgrade stock T680 to look like it. As a bonus the mod includes a grenade hanging toy.

Changes v22.04.20:
- Compatibility update for game version 1.37;
- Openable windows;
- FMOD engine sounds;
- Updated steam inventory toys support;
- A few other minor fixes.

Harven, Sirblackyalot, Kriechbaum, SCS

Download LINK 1   (57.3mb
Download LINK 2   (57.3mb
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