John Deere 1890 / Cart 1910 v1.0 FS19 Mod


John Deere 1890 / Cart 1910 v1.0

Renovate pastures or landscape roadsides with a Conservation Seeder. It makes quick work of any type of seeding, from native prairie grasses to large legumes.

· Work at speeds up to 7 mph (11.2 kph)
· Full-width coverage to prevent “pinstripe” effect
· Reinforced nylon or cast-iron rear cultipacker rings
· Includes various combinations of standard large-grain, native grass, small-seed legume, and stainless-steel fertilizer boxes.

Model: John deere 1890 Seeder (40ft)
Model: Cart 1910 Tow Between
Working widths: 13.2(40ft)
Price: 200$ (john deere 1890)
Price: 120$ (cart 1910)
Power Requires: 280 hp (john deere 1890)


Download LINK 1   (65.4mb
Download LINK 2   (65.4mb
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