Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84 1.36 Mod ETS2


Iveco Turbostar by Ralf84 1.36

Iveco Turbostar series was introduced in 1984 as the successor of Iveco Turbo series. Even though the cabin looks the same at first glance, there were some differences: it was larger and higher. Spoiler, fenders, and many other parts were redesigned to achieve better aerodynamics coefficients. Interior too have been redesigned to improve comfort.
The first range included the L6 intercooler 190-33 (330hp) and V8 190-42 (420hp), then 190-33 was replaced with 190-36 (360hp) in 1987 and in 1989 was introduced 190-48 (480hp).

Some small parts of the chassis are taken from Ekualizer’s 190-38 but as in the reality, the truck was using the same parts coming from his predecessor, the Turbo series. Cabin is not using any other mod parts and interior is drawn from scratch, basing on pictures (more than 800) taken from me, coming from an abandoned 190-42 found in a parking area.
This topic is meant to show you the progress of the work, but before posting any kind of download link, I’m here asking to the original 190-38 Special authors the permission to use some small parts of his chassis. In case of positive answer, the mod will be released for free. All the original credits from 190-38 Special will be inserted in the mod description of course.

- Ralf84- Fabian Modding
- Scaniaman1989
- Badass22
- Mixer66
- Baltazar
- Ventyres
- Peerke145
- Kriechbaum
- Dani Lee
- Ekualizer

Download LINK 1   (382.6mb
Download LINK 2   (382.6mb

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