Changes in 1.14 -fixed- [from 22.03.20]:
Separated headlights from the chassis
Added realistic headlight pattern by hastantyo as an option
Added xenon headlights as an option
Added shadows to the wipers in interior view

Changes in 1.13:
Updated dash computer to show odometer with current speed
Clean up of ui template files to avoid conflicts
Updated truck reflections

Changes 1.12
Updated transmission files
Updated X15 torque curves
Updated X15 sound thanks to kriechbaum
Fixed fakeshadow
Fixed old icons error
Fixed missing icon in quick jobs
Fixed truck being categorised wrong in quick jobs

Changes 1.11
Moved defs to freightliner.cascadia.2018
Moved truck to mod dealer
Also update to the SiSL compatibility patch.

- Removed incorrect engined
- Added correct engine
- Added corresponding gearboxes
- Cleanup of textures
- Cleanup of models
- Corrected the cabins to be recognised as cabines
- Added additional Flow Below mudguards
- Added better icons for parts
- Separated spoilers from cabs and added them as accessories
- various bug fixes
- Changed DD engine sound to Mercedes

Felipe Conbar, Frank Brasil, Lincoln by Viciados, Update and fix galimim, adapted for ETS2: Serega22

Download LINK 1   (130.5mb
Download LINK 2   (130.5mb

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