ATS - Western Star 5700 1.36-1.37


Western Star 5700 1.36-1.37

Western-Star 5700ex 2017 truck mod for American Truck Simulator

Buy in Kenworth
2 Cabins
2 Chassis
Own interior

Update for 1.36:
– Added/fixed rear number plate
– Added real trailer cables
– Added beacon
– Added some additional engines with own sound
– Added some transmissions with retarder
– Fixed rear left brake light
– Fixed wipers work from cabin (wipe rain again)
– Reworked some textures

Update for 1.37:
– Sound update to work correctly under 1.37

NOTE: For game version 1.37 use both included files – 1.37 sound fix for WS5700 and truck.
1.37 sound fix should go above truck in mod manager order.
For game version 1.36 you need to enable only truck file.

Ben Sherer, Jesse Burson, updated by vasja555

Download LINK 1   (137.2mb
Download LINK 2   (137.2mb
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